Who are we?

Madrid Open City is an apolitical non-profit organisation, made up of various different institutions, companies, organisations and entrepreneurs, all of who are leaders in their respective fields.  Madrid Open City has the City Hall and Comunidad de Madrid’s full support both institutionally and economically.

What we do

Here at Madrid Open City, our mission is to place and promote Madrid on the international market, as a central figure for: innovation, international business and human resources. Our main objective is to attract investment, talent and innovation to many different sectors.

Essentially, we offer information and advise at no cost to companies and organisations looking for the best place to develop their business here in Spain and/or Europe.

Why Madrid?

Spain is one of the four most important countries in the European Union, and Madrid is its main economic, cultural and social driving force.

During the last few decades, Madrid has pursued more liberal policies that has promoted investment, meaning that it has now firmly cemented its place as one the most important international business hubs of Europe.

This, along with the appealing quality of life that Madrid offers, means that the city attracted, and now boasts a workforce of the highest level. This has allowed it to become one of the most advanced cities in innovation and technology in all of Europe.


Madrid is the centre for politics, economics and finance in Spain. This is why the majority of the most important Spanish businesses and international companies that operate in Spain, chose Madrid for their headquarters.


Madrid has a high concentration of universities, research, development and innovation centres and international business schools. These produce highly qualified professionals and a very competitive labour force in one of Europe’s key markets.


A strong collaboration between science and business is the result of a highly productive research and technology clusters, which at the same time incentivizes the development of startups.


Madrid has the highest life expectancy in Europe and one of the highest in the world. The excellent work-life balance here in Madrid also stands out.

Excellence Models


Engineering, Architecture and Construction




Big Data

Circular Economy

Tecnology Parks


Business HQ & International Organizations

Human Resources

Planning & Strategy

Marketing & Communication



Strategic Projects in Progress

Madrid Nuevo Norte

  • Largest intervention in urban renewal in Europe.
  • Strategic location, 5.6 kilometers in length, in the north of the capital city.
  • There is planned construction of 2.6 million square meters, 77% of which will be for public use, and the rest will be for residential or tertiary use.

Public and private partnership agreement

Implemented programme for the creation of clusters in diverse strategic sectors:

  • Engineering, Architecture and Construction
    (project submitted in December 2018).
  • Cibersecurity (project submitted in October 2019).
  • Fintech (Cluster “Madrid Capital Fintech” created in January 2020).
  • Big Data (project presented in Octobre 2019).
  • Circular economy

The Future of Real Estate & Healthcare in Madrid

Our services

Madrid Open City offers, without charge, expert executive consultation tailored to the needs of new companies deciding to move to Madrid, Spain. We offer a convenient concierge approach to help facilitate business relocation and growth.


We count on top multi-lingual executives who are established global business leaders and are available to assist with research, decisions, planning, budgeting and expansion of foreign businesses large and small.

This liason assistance may include but not be limited to:

  • Design and execution of image campaigns that publicise the goals and advantages of the move to Madrid.
  • Assisting foreign companies relocating to Madrid and expansion of their business.
  • Helping companies create initiatives to attract and retain top workforce talent in Madrid.
  • Generating ideas and contacts for promoting the ongoing progress of technology and innovation in Madrid.


Honorary Presidents

  • Antonio Garrigues
  • Begoña Villacís


  • Gerardo Seeliger


  • Alfredo Bonet
  • Jorge Segrelles
  • Ángel Asensio
  • Isabel Pardo de Vera


  • José Antonio Granero
  • Ernesto Mata
  • María Benjumea
  • Manuel Martín
  • Luis Ullivarri
  • John de Zulueta
  • Jaime Malet

Advisory Board of Experts


  • Francisco Polo (Communication Director at de Ferrovial)
  • Blanca de Ulíbarri (Director of the platform “Generación de Oportunidades” at Europa press)


  • Mercedes Coghen (International Strategy Director of Spanish Sport)

Real Estate

  • Susana Rodríguez (Chief Commercial Officer at Savills)

Talent & Entrepreneurship

  • Lucía Egea (CEO at Contenedor Blanco)


  • María Benjumea (Socia Fundadora de Spain Startup-South Summit)

Legal & Taxes

  • Manuel Martín (Partner at Aledra Legal)


  • Marcelino Oreja


  • John de Zulueta
  • Ignacio Riesgo


  • Alfonso Sánchez (Manager Director EMT Madrid)
  • Juan José Lillo (Co-founder Smobhub)
  • Ramón Paredes (Advisor at Scoobic)